Programs and Events

Black swallowtail caterpillar getting ready to pupate ©Kim Smith 2011 copy

Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly Film Program is designed for film events, conservation groups, libraries, garden clubs, botanical gardens, landscape and design professionals, private groups, and special events.

To inquire about programs and upcoming events, please contact here.

See Kim Smith Designs for a complete list of programs and events.

Black swallowtail butterfly bl-wh ©Kim Smith 2011

Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly is a 45-minute narrated film that takes place in a garden and at the sea’s edge. Every stage of the butterfly’s life cycle is experienced in vibrant close-up, from conception to pupation to metamorphosis. The film is suitable for all ages so all can gain a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between wildflowers and pollinators and the vital role they play in our ecosystem. Filmed in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

From earliest recorded history the butterfly has represented life’s momentous transformations. None more so than black butterflies. In some cultures black butterflies are thought to foretell death, and in others the return of a spirit to the living world. Continuing today, butterflies are associated with spiritual rebirth and transformation. Their metamorphosis from caterpillar to adult, along with their graceful beauty and vibrant wing patterning, inspires poets and artists universally across time and cultures.

Discussion and Q & A with the filmmaker to follow showing.


2 thoughts on “Programs and Events

  1. Timothy


    My wife and I have your gardening book and we simply love it. We are looking forward to seeing your inspiring butterfly film! Keep the beauty coming.


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